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Fashion Hacks

How I love and adore simple, cheap fashion hacks galore. Have a look at this video.

Fantastic!! is all I’m going to say. I have garnered some very good tips and tricks from it.

It’s officially CSM Alumni approved 🙂

Oh, and I love the above pic – probably pretty much as tacky as they come, but fab and so atmospheric!

My own personal (and probably a little too quirky) fashion hacks include the following:

  • Wearing two scarfs at once to add warmth and colour (scarfs to be colourful of course!).
  • Taking apart old watches and pieces of jewelry (rings, necklaces, bracelets, brooches etc) and ‘reconstructing’ new pieces from them.
  • Buying second-hand jewelry from charity shops
  • Swapping clothes and jewelry with friends and family – or just borrowing bits and bobs for a fab night out.
  • Spraying my hair with colourful colours like oranges, blues, reds, pinks and purples – adds a pop to any look or outfit instantly! I do change my hair colour quite often so I have to be creative with fashion to work everything.
  • Making my own clothes – of course! I use bits of old clothes, charity shop clothes, clothes that friends and family no longer want, and much more. It’s a really cheap / free way to create something new and it’s also great for the planet and environment. We need to recycle everything now more than ever before.
  • Getting my friends and family to buy me clothes specifically for my birthdays, Christmas, etc! That’s a very, very affordable (free!) way to keep my wardrobe up to date! Possibly my fave way out of the lot. As a side note, I do always give back, too. I’m not a cheap ass, no sir.

I’ll continue to add to the above list as time goes by, but for now, I hope that those points prove to be a little helpful.