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Kitting Out My New Studio

I am moving in with my friend Jack! I’m going to be sharing space with him in his art studio! This is a huge breakthrough for me. I haven’t been able to afford too much this year and this should really help to get me off onto a really great start! Thank you so much, Jack. We had a massive plumbing issue this week and it looked like he was going to possibly have to move and not have any space for me but luckily, it was fixed by these guys in super quick time and for next to nothing. Huge thanks to them also.

I’m so excited! I’m going to be bringing in all of my stuff next Thursday – so just under a week to go. We’re going to be having a little party / gathering at the studio the following week to celebrate me moving there. It’s so close to home too, I can wake up at 9am and be in the studio by 9.30am! I can’t wait. So much fun, affordable, and close to work – the perfect, most magical combo. It’s going to be a truly welcome break from getting up at 7.30 every morning to get to my current studio by 9.30am – I hate wasting time and there is NO better way to do that than by spending it on public transport getting to where you need to to be. Ugh.

I plan to create a brand new line of clothing, with some amazing and affordable designs. I’m going to start work as soon as I’m in and hopefully, I will have something to show by around December time. I suppose it all depends on how much work actually gets done vs fun; the fun to work ratio must be balanced. I will have to work on that a little bit…

Once again, a huge great big thank you to Jack and Co (I’m not forgetting everyone else there!!) at the art studio in central. I am so happy I am getting to do this with all you guys.